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Professional AutoCAD Designing Training

AutoCAD Training 

CAD Full form is Computer Aided Design. The CAD Software using for Design a any type of machine. CAD is computers (or workstations) to aid in the creation, modification, analysis. AutoCad has a software for 2D drafting, 2D Design & 2D Drawing. Our most popular 2D software is AutoCad, Soldworks & Catia V5. In AutoCad we learning features of Designing.

learning what is GD&T :

  •  We learning what is GD&T
  •  Machining Flowchart 
  •  Requirements of Dimensions Tolerance
  •  Deviation, Fits, Datums, Simulation Method & Profile Tolerance

Introduction to AutoCAD :

  • Introduction and Getting Started
  •  Structure of the Course
  •  AutoCAD User Interface
  •  Navigation Tools 
  •  Co-Ordinate System 
  •  Units and Status Bar 
  •  Saving Settings as Drawing Template

Creating Drawings : 

  • Making Lines
  •  Making Lines Using Polar Coordinates
  •  Circle
  •  Arcs
  •  Ellipses
  •  Rectangle
  •  Polygons
  •  Introduction to Polyline and Spline
  •  Construction Line and Ray

Modifying Drawing :

  • Move and Copy Command
  •  Rotate Command
  •  Offset Command
  •  Mirror and Scale
  •  Trim and Extend
  •  Erase, Explode and Overkill
  •  Stretch Command
  •  Break and Join
  •  Fillet and Chamfer

Status Bar Toggles :

  • Grid and Snap
  •  Polar and Ortho Mode
  •  Dynamic Input
  •  Simple Object Snaps
  •  More Object Snaps
  •  More Status Bar Options

Drawing Tools :

  • Rectangular Array
  •  Polar Array
  •  Path Array
  •  Divide and Measure
  •  Using Multifunction Grips
  •  Align Command
  •  Finding Distance, Radius, Angle and Co-Ordinates
  •  Region and Boolean Operations

Drawing Properties :

  •  Assigning Object Color and Linetype
  •  Assigning Line Weight and Transparency
  •  Checking Object Properties
  •  Model space viewports


Hatch and Gradient :

  • Creating Basic Hatches
  •  Set Origin and Associative Hatch
  •  Using Advance Hatch Features
  •  Boundary and Wipeout Features
  •  Creating Gradients

Student Project : Sketch Projects.

Post By Wasim Shaikh on Wednesday 19 May, 2021

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